Providing the total and complete solution for the treatment and processing of by-products generated by the mining community.

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The core business of Just Refiners is to provide services to the mining industry by receiving, preparing, sampling, and processing their by-product materials.


We take our customer service seriously and our objective is to surpass our customers’ expectations. We strive to work conscientiously and diligently with integrity to achieve our goals.


Our mission is to develop mutual long lasting and dedicated relationships with our customers which are beneficial to both parties.


The slag materials are received and processed at Just Refiners. Each material lot is prepared, sampled and evaluated for precious metal content. In addition, a scan is carried out by our internal laboratory to determine the presence of deleterious elements. 

With each shipment, Just Refiners determines the safest and most economical disposal route possible. All slag, crucible, and furnace lining materials are processed in house.

Spent carbon from the mining industry is not a waste. Carbon is a solid with a precious metal content.

When it comes to the disposal of carbon and the domestic or transboundary shipping of spent carbon, a fundamental difference exists between activated carbon used in the removal of toxic/hazardous elements in gases and solutions for pollution control and the activated carbon used in the mining industry to recover the gold and silver from the mined ore.

Particular care is taken when processing furnace linings, graphite crucibles and borax slag containing metallic gold and silver.


Not only do we homogenize the by-product materials by crushing to reduce the particle size to less than 10 mm (1/2 inch) in size for sampling purposes, we proceed to feed the crushed materials through a rubber lined, vibratory, ball mill. We reduce the material size to less than minus 60 mesh.

Just Refiners has carried out extensive research and monitoring on spent carbon with various levels of mercury. Every stage of the carbon treatment plant at JRI is monitored for mercury.

At no stage has any high levels of mercury been detected throughout the JRI carbon treatment process. The JRI laboratory analyst takes vapor samples at random. Each mercury reading is recorded and filed away for due diligence and control purposes.

JRI utilizes induction furnaces to melt precious metal with different structures and characteristics. A fluxing agent such as borax assists the metal to become molten and homogenous.

The molten metal can be sampled using a vacuum pin tube in the molten state or drilled after the dore has been poured and slag removed.

Each shipment is promptly assigned a receipt reference number upon receipt to eliminate the possibility of interspersing lots.

Just Refiners utilizes an independent company to calibrate and certify all scales bi-yearly. A certificate of calibration is displayed on the wall next to each scale read out.

The Incinerator process is based on burning the carbon to reduce the volume for precious metal recovery. Precious metals remain with the ash and the burner exhaust is processed to prevent mercury emissions to the environment.


 The oxidation system has multiple stages of scrubbing for mercury removal from the exhaust gas.

Just Refiners USA, Inc. is committed to reducing its impact on the environment and is in full compliance with all rules and regulations set forth by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) in conjunction with the State of Nevada, Washoe County, and the City of Sparks. JRI will comply with all relevant environmental legislation set forth by all of these institutions and will set goals for ongoing improvement.

Prices listed are based on the LBMA PM fixed price.

METAL:                                             PRICE:                                          DATE:

Gold                                                   $2,343.35                                   5/29/2024

Silver                                                 $32.010                                       5/29/2024

Platinum                                          $1,038.00                                    5/29/2024

Palladium                                        $955.00                                        5/29/2024

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