Carbon Processing


  • Upon receipt of carbon materials, a JRI Consignment Note is issued, and all bags are labeled for identification.
  • The customer and/or Representative is contacted to confirm receipt and schedule a date for weighing and sampling.
  • In the presence of a designated representative of the customer each super sack of carbon is lifted from the pallet and placed on the JRI certificated scale to determine a net weight.
  • Each super sack of carbon in the batch is auger sampled. Nine to twelve auger holes are drilled per sack with extra notice taken to make sure the auger reaches the bottom of the super sack. One gram per net weight of the material is taken for the sample.
  • The weighed sample from each super sack is placed in a mixer.
  • The bulk sample is blended for twenty minutes.
  • The blended sample is poured out of the mixer into sample buckets.
  • In the event of excessive moisture, the carbon sample is placed on a rubber mat and a sample is cut by cone and quartering.
  • Where there is no excess water, the sample is passed through a riffle splitter.
  • The sample is cut down to 6-8 equal splits. (1) Customer (1) JRI (1) Umpire (3-5) Reserve
  • Splits are properly bagged, sealed and labeled with corresponding JRI number and material type.

Supersack filled with carbon is placed on scale.


Supersack is lifted off pallet with forklift to tare scale.


The net weights are recorded and the super sacks of carbon are placed in line ready for sampling.

Weighing Sample_edited

A sample is augered from each supersack. One gram per one pound of carbon is taken for the sample.


Each weighted sample from each supersack in a lot are placed in the sample mixer together and mixed for twenty minutes. The entire mixed sample is poured into buckets.


The sample is split using a riffle splitter into 6-8 equal splits. The splits are properly bagged, sealed and labeled.

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JRI Water Treatment Plant and Spent Carbon Processor

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