Represented Sampling / Receipt Weighing

Represented Sampling

We welcome our customers and their representatives of choice to be on site for full transparency and peace of mind during all stages of material processing.


We offer you a representative sample and use our internal laboratory to determine the precious metal content of your materials. In addition, we welcome you to meet our experienced staff and take a tour of our facility.  


Receipt/ Weighing

Each shipment is promptly assigned a reference number upon receipt to eliminate the possibility of interspersing lots.

All incoming material is weighed on one of our seven digital readout platform scales with 5,000 lb. capacity weighing in 1 lb. increments or one of the two smaller scales with a 60 lb. capacity weighing in .02 lb. increments.  

All scales are calibrated twice a year by an independent service company to ensure they are reading accurately for both parties.  Calibration certificates are posted next to each scale readout.

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