Slag Processing

The slag materials are received and processed at Just Refiners. Each material lot is prepared, sampled and evaluated for precious metal content. In addition, a scan is carried out by an independent laboratory to determine the presence of deleterious elements. With each shipment, Just Refiners determines the safest and most economical disposal route possible. All slag, crucible, and furnace lining materials are processed in house.

Gondola/Super Sack Delivery

Scooping Slag from pad into drums

Loading Slag into Drums for Crushing

New Jaw Crusher Plates

Cleaning/Repair Maintainance on Equipment

Crushed Slag

Prepared – 80 Slag Sample

The crushed slag sample is reduced and split into 4 equal samples

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Beve Boekhoud
Carmen Arbizo
Marco Barragan
Logan Zimmerman
Kim Walker